Brilliant Experience is a boutique UX shop focused on user research and product innovation.

Our specialized psychology-based approach was crafted to uncover targeted insights that lead to actionable business strategies and product design solutions.


Observe + Understand

• In-depth Interviews • Heuristic Evaluations
• Contextual Inquiry • Competitor Analysis
• Focus Groups • Personas
• Surveys • Scenarios
• Eye Tracking • Experience Journey Maps
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Design + Evaluate

• Design Workshops • Wireframes
• Information Architecture • Prototypes
• Content Audit • Prototype Testing
• Sketching • Visual Design

John Whalen, Ph.D., Founder


John’s specialty is providing businesses with competitive advantages by uncovering the spoken and unspoken needs of users through user research activities and, from those insights, producing powerful, actionable business and experience strategies. His expert knowledge of human vision, attention and memory is relied on by Fortune 500 companies in the ecommerce, financial, healthcare and government verticals nationwide.

Prior to consulting John was a professor of Psychology at the University of Delaware, and a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA

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