User Experience Doesn’t 
Happen on a Screen -
 It Happens in the Mind


Presented at UXPA 2015 03-23-2015 and 03-24-2015

User Experience Doesn’t Happen on a Screen – It Happens in the Mind. Introducing the Six Deliverables that Ensure You Seduce the Six Minds.

This talk introduces our Emergent UX process. It that starts with the position that user experience is not a single “experience”, but rather is a “collection of experiences” that occurs across six brain regions each with their own cognitive processing styles and ideal states.

We will identify each of the “six minds”, their purposes and unique processing styles. We hope that by looking at “User Experience” differently as a collection of experiences, that you will start to consider your own site and how it might be seen in a new light with fresh ideas.

Next we will reveal: (a) six new deliverables we have created to capture the ideal user-state for each of the six minds (b) examples we have used them to improve our user experience designs, and (c) how to pragmatically use these deliverables in your own work.

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