Emergent UX: Seducing the Six Minds – IXDA-NYC


Presented at IXDA-NYC 03-20-2015

Seducing the Six Minds: How Brilliant UX Emerges from the Drives of Users and Stakeholders
Startups and large organizations alike have to be nimble and react to market change faster than ever. The entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs within these organizations know that, but don’t always have the right methods at their disposal to be successful. Our team has increasingly been asked to support these innovators and their teams to create exceptional User Experience Designs and gain organizational support of the process.

Emergent UX is a process we use to (1) deeply understand the users’ currently unmet needs on a cognitive, behavioral and emotional level, (2) create an open platform for innovation using the best of User-Centered Design, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup, and (3) gather critical insights about stakeholders and harness persuasive psychology to positively align the team on goals, ultimately nurturing both the product and the team behind it.

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