MoDevUX 2014: Wearable User Experiences: The New World of Pervasive-Multisensory UX


As a UX professional, by now you’ve had to design for a mobile experience. But fewer of us have had the challenge of designing for Glass or other wearables like Pebble. The end user experience is quite different when you wear it, see it, feel it, talk to it, swipe it and hear it and its pervasiveness opens up a whole world of self-monitoring: heart rate, motion, brain waves, periodic camera pics and more.

Come learn about the next wave of wearables. Get a glimpse into how the experiences you will create in the next few years will differ from today’s UX. Multimodal (voice, sound, touch, heads-up display), bioaware (heart rate, GSR, blood pressure, motion) and pervasive wearable devices are will rapidly change the way we approach and design user experiences.

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